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Holocaust Art Paintings Slide Show – Artist Judith Dazzio

There are two holocaust paintings slide shows on this page.

This is a large scale slide presentation of the Holocaust Art Exhibit Paintings. To view each painting individually, click the drop down menus above from “The Holocaust Paintings menu. Smaller size images are located on the Paintings Slide Show page.

Paintings Displayed Here In A Smaller Size – Click Any Painting For A Slide Presentation


Holocaust Art Paintings Slide Show Artist Judith Dazzio

Several decades ago while in elementary school, my class was visited by a Holocaust Survivor, who’s story has stayed with me throughout my life. I can still see the numbers on her arms. I can see the faded pictures of her children who had been killed, and how she cried when speaking about them. I began this series ten years ago, basing many of the paintings on her story. Therefore, many are historical, limited to the Warsaw ghetto and Birkenaw. The rest of the paintings are in honor of her children, and all of the children lost or who bear the scars of having the live through that time. The paintings reflect my emotional reaction to the helplessness and fear that they must have felt. The historical paintings were also important because I wanted them to be accurate, creative and powerful. They had to show one artist’s vision and style. I believe that I have achieved a melding of historical facts with powerful paintings that evoke emotion and thought.

Holocaust Paintings Artist Judith Dazzio is the owner of Dazzio Art Experience School of Art, as well as the Dazzio Art Gallery. Both are located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Judith has been pinging most of her life, and her work can be found in many collections throughout the world. Her style is considered expressionistic and in most cases, includes people.


Holocaust Art Paintings Slide Show Artist Judith Dazzio

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